Welcome Back!

I’m back!!!

I took an unexpected hiatus for nearly 4 years, or whatever. So many things have caught me off guard ( so much for my “if you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready” motto). I have shameless allowed my mind to wonder into parts unknown and honestly got lost but I’m back. I’ve lived, grown, learned and evolved into Juanita 2.0. Still the same ole me but with an unapologetic twist, #BOOM! No, I won’t unload my brain all at once (your welcome), but you will most definitely get a glimpse of my world with raw and uncut content, bare with me. I am who I am, with that being said I happy that I am here to share with you my journey from devastating family loss, complicated relationships, parenthood circus, tapping back into my soul and creative nature- you know the things that have shaped me to who am today. 

I have quit a few creative outlets that I have passionately re-pursued starting with (drum roll please)……………….

Look, at this point, stoked is an understatement in regards to my art shop where everything is handmade from wall art, painting, office supplies, candles, etc. Ohh Wee, 😁😁😁 from ear to ear (it hurts).

So, if I haven’t scared you off already, pull a set and follow me on my endeavors. No promises but I’m aiming to come on here with much needed post at least once a week. Stay Tuned!!!

#oomeartshoppe #lifestyle #art #family #imback


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