Change Of Plans ( Life Changes)

This year has been one of the most pivotal year for me thus far. Changes in my life that I’ve never considered to be an option surfaced in a major way. Never in a millions years did I think I would be where I am now. In a month or so I will officially be a mommy. WOW!! I know, that was my reaction as well as my family’s upon this anouncement. I was the last person that anyone thought would have kids. Not because I wasn’t good with them, I’m actually quit great with kids- everyone loves Auntie Nita😊 Which was a title that I was completely fine with for the long run. It was such a surprise because I wasn’t available for the option. I’ve never considered opening up to a healthy relationship so morally, in return, I refused to allow myself to create a child to bring into my unwillingness to open up. Its the truest fact that when you find love you’re hopelessly caught and in return I became willing to have that mommy title.
    Prior to the love that found me and love on the way, I was completely independent and always on the go, I allowed nothing nor no one to slow me down. Worked long hours to keep and maintain my lifestyle by myself, thought that was all I need- that and the ever so often sexual healing (not to be confused with promiousness). My mentality was to block any and every distraction because I didn’t want to take the time out to get to know anyone and vice versa. But like I said when you’re caught, you’re caught- no hiding nor running from love.
   So I would say that this is the start of my journey, a new chapter in my life. Excited to raise a wonderful young lady with a man that continue to prove that this is where his heart his. So many changes in a year and I’m quit sure that it’s many more to come and I I’m ready for that.


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