Dealing… This Too Shall Pass

Current Mood:

So many extra responsibilities and other commitments which has seemed to create a little crisis. Looking pretty pathetic as I attempt to squeeze everything into my schedule ( difficult but the show must go on). Its a real problem due to the fact that there’s so much to do that I can’t possibly, with a sane mind, feel satisfied with the amount I will manage to accomplish in a finite amount of time. Of course my anxiety and determination won’t prevent me from trying the impossible. In extreme need of a simplified environment to K.O all these tasks, and to have more available time for myself and family. 

But the fact that I keep arriving at forks in the road while I’m trying to head towards my oh so well planned destination has a girl feeling hopeless but refusing to get knocked off my game. Many decisions to make but I haven’t anticipated a choice because I believe that everything would go a certain way and that would be that. Knowing my luck, I will be presented with another set of choices, and my thought process will be right back at the drawing board. My current mild-mannered, go with the flow kind of feel, all this uncertainty got a girl on pins and needles making me moody and stubborn, its only holding me back. Thinking it would be best to avoid others when I’m feeling this way but isolation only makes me dwell on it more. Others don’t deserve when I’m in this mood and neither do I so I have to tighten it up and get it together. Currently- Dealing… This Too Shall Pass!

MovingFoward OnAMission


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