Nobody Owes You!

Entitlement is a distinction that comes from a person belief that they deserve to be honored, its the essence of the “Me” attitude. A demeanor of self-importance that comes with illusions of brilliance, power, etc. and a kin sense that the world owes them something in exchange for almost nothing.

This Just In!!!!!!

 Contrary to the popular belief… No One Owes You Anything, you’re not entitled to anything but the privilege to be youself. If you’re holding someone else accountable to make all your dreams come true, then your are forcing yourself to be a target for disappointment. You can’t put your happiness in someone else’s hands because being happy is an extremely personal thing. You are 100% responsible to make that happen for yourself.

  • Stop crying about what someone did or didn’t do for you
  • No one can take anything from you that you didn’t give them
  • Be humble because entitlement is not your friend

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not speaking on anything illegal, immoral, or unethical. Being a human being, following the rules, respecting one another, and treating others the way you want to be treated are all sensible notions to expect from your circle. But the fact of the matter is not one person owe it to you. If things aren’t going as planned, you can’t blame others for what you expected of them. If you want better then go get it for yourself. 

I’m speaking from a place of experience. With so many turning tables that I’ve experienced throughout my life from losses of a great magnitude (I’ll get further into that in a later post) to creative blocks & unique paths of parenting. I’ve learned to take everything situation for what it is with no expectations (for the most part), clear and pure intentions, and an open mind. I put my big girl panties on, pour a drink, check my ego then take life like a G!!!

#entitlement #owe #movingforward

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