Mommy Tales

    When she smiles it always manages to melt my heart. Or when I hear her little squeaky voice on repeat mode saying “Mommy!”, ( as tragically annoying it could be) it will always melt my heart. Rewinding before that to the first time we officially met, the emotionally undescribable feeling of our skin to skin connected for the first time, we connected eyes and permantly attached our hearts as mother and daughter. Or even before that in her fetus stages, when she flutter her feet to me singing  “Feel My Love” by Adele which solidified our attachment even more. Yes, motherhood has been pretty amazing for me. 

    Now of course it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns, its been extremely hard work (as any mother would agree). I have been given a blessing that is strong willed, melodramatic, highly sassy, frustratingly stubborn, dainty yet tough and her beautiful mind is out of this world ( and yes I’m tooting her horn). My toddler is the ultimate meaning of 10 Handfuls, a headache and laughter at the same time and no exaggeration needed here. In a nutshell, she’s just like me. She keeps me on my toes and send my level of protection through the roof when it comes to outsiders.

   So much of my life has changes since she came alone and turned itbupsidedown in the most wonderful way. It is a complete privilege to be blessed with this opportunity, it’s worth every stretch mark and sleepless night. So bring on the tantrums, milestones, sticky kisses, neck hugs, boo boo’s, and all. I can’t wait to see what great beautiful woman she becomes.


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