Sorry Not Sorry

     What’s the deal with women feeling to compete with one another? True that a little competition never hurt anyone, it’s healthy. But when it comes to the point that you come to dislike someone so much that you feel like you need to compete in an attempt to keep yourself relevant is where the line should be drawn. It’s like a need to elevate themselves by bringing another women down who have done nothing personally against them nor haven’t even met. You shut down, lash out, ice out and dryhater on the threat factor not realizing that your only exposing the thruth about yourself. You’re only perpetuating the stereotype and there’s nothing appealing or lady like about that.

    I mean it makes sense on some level, I guess, when you feel invisible and in extreme need for attention, where that thirst become so real opening all doors to your ego. At that moment (in some cases not at all) you don’t realize how much you need that attention and you start to criticize and put down other women that you seem threatened by. Trying to compete due to long lived insecurities about yourself and try to prove that you are better than the other women you hate by throwing shade in a major way. Making excuses as to why you are throwing sneaky jabs at her character to make yourself feel superior. I have been on the recieving end of this situation a few times enough to call when i see it. Smh, I guess it’s a kind of a natural reaction that’s extremely hard for me to retain.


We really have to grow up and teach our kids better than this. Im not hinting at everyone being best friends because not every woman is on the same level. And I’m not suggesting to be phony about it but I am indeed hoping that we all respect each other in whatever we do. All women don’t walk the same path nor is given the same opportunities. You get what you get so work with what you have, stop blaming other women for your mistakes and mishaps. You’ve done what you had to do with what you had, don’t hate the next for receiving a similar hand and doing more with it. Just be the best you can be (sounds cliche I know but it fits) without all that envy and spite so that way you won’t feel the need to compare yourself to anyone in the first place, it’s hard “I know”. If only it was so easy to ignore them and keep being your awesome self, but then your awesomeness will still fuel their fire!


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