Intro: Let’s Talk About It

I swear my brain functions at the speed of 100 mph and never stopping to recuperate, you know energizer bunny type of thing. Overlapping thoughts make it nearly impossible to allow my body to catch up. Most of it comes from dealing with feelings that are easy (to understand) on the surface by definition but not so easy to process in life. About the simple things in life that aren’t so simple. Its a gift and a curse because at times its a good thing to feel everything do deeply but at other times its not so great.
That’s why I created this blog, to attempt to capture my thoughts as they rummage in my mind. This being one of the most climactic point of my life, what better time to do it than now. I have no intentions in strictening myself to one particular niche, no topic is taboo.
So with that being said I invite you into my world and get to know me as a hard worker, artist , and soon to be first time mother. Feel free to comment and I’m open for advice.


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